G. F. Thompson Co. Ltd. have been providing quality products under the MASTERS® brand name for over 60 years. We also represent quality brands such as Midwest, Channellock, and Super Ego. We continually strive to grow our business with new products and acquisitions. In 2015, G. F. Thompson Co. Ltd was once again recognized as a runner up for the Supplier of the Year Award by Canaplus Limited Partnership (one of Canada's Leading buying groups for the plumbing, HVAC & Industrial markets). We are proud to say that G. F. Thompson Co. Ltd is the most recognized supplier in our category, having won the Supplier of the year award 4 times and have been runner up 4 times in the 14 years that Canaplus has presented this award. See more G.F. Thompson Co. Ltd or view the G.F Thompson Co. Ltd. brands below.


G.F. Thompson Co. Ltd. has been supplying quality products under the brand name “Masters” for over 60 years. Over that time, we have developed an extensive product line that we supply to the Plumbing, HVAC, Industrial and Retail trades. With a manufacturing and shipping facility in Newmarket , Ontario and warehousing facilities in Calgary, Coquitlam and Regina , G.F. Thompson Co. Ltd is well positioned to have product in the customer's hands without delay. See more Masters.


Schwartz Chemical Corporation has been offering plumbers and consumers a full line of proven solvent cements, primers and cleaners for professional ABS, PVC and CPVC plumbing projects since 1969. See more Schwartz Chemical Corporation


Midwest Tool and Cutlery manufactures the highest quality snips and hand tools on the market today. The blade life and cutting performance of Midwest Snips® aviation and tin snips is lab and field test proven to exceed that of all other snips manufacturers. Midwest Snips blades are stronger, more durable, and outlast all others in cutting edge life because they are formed from a hot drop-forging process and not stamped or cast. Cutting performance is superior because Midwest Snips blades require the least amount of user hand pressure to complete a cut and blades stay in adjustment longer than those of any other snip manufacturer. See more Midwest Snips®.


We manufacture pipe and welding equipment and tools through leading edge manufacturing systems (SMED, KAIZEN, KANBAN). Our tools are based on the latest hardening processes (controlled atmosphere, induction and stress relieving), which give our tools accredited and valued quality enabling their sale to most demanding customers worldwide, chemical industry, oil industry, mining, etc. The world’s best known manufacturers trust SUPER-EGO for custom manufacture of their brand. See more SUPER-EGO.


Founded in 1886, Channellock manufactures high-quality pliers and assorted hand tools. Each tool is made high carbon North American 1080 Steel and crafted to be very strong and durable. See more Channellock.


ASCO manufactures durable, high quality air/fuel torch equipment. All torches are hand assembled and constructed of solid brass and stainless steel. ASCO Torch makes, Low and High Temperature Acetylene Torches and Accessories and Low and high Temperature Propane Torches and accessories. See more ASCO.


BrassCraft Manufacturing Company, a Masco Company, is a leading manufacturer of plumbing products for the new construction and repair/remodel markets. Our Company’s promise “Committed to Quality – Driven by Innovation” is reflected in the thousands of high-quality plumbing products that are sold under the BrassCraft® brand.   Founded in 1946 by Robert Zell in Detroit, Michigan, BrassCraft Mfg innovated and perfected the one-piece water supply valve and the flexible copper water supply tube. Today these products have become the industry standard for residential and commercial plumbing projects.


Master Plumber® originated the organized packaged parts system which is designed to give customers a comprehensive parts service program to meet their individual needs. Master Plumber, a Canadian brand, distributes precision plumbing replacement parts. The product line includes the most complete range of genuine Original Equipment Manufacture (O.E.M.) replacement parts for all fittings and fixtures of major Canadian plumbing manufacturers. Master Plumber also carries a comprehensive assortment of plumbing accessories and is supported by a Canadian sales and marketing team. See more Master Plumber®.


Mainline Backflow Products was established in 1997. Mainline backflow Products (Can) Inc. works with all levels of governments in Canada and the United States in a dedicated effort to prevent flooding caused by sewer backups. Our new and innovative product designs have quickly captured the attention of code officials and the plumbing industry across North America making Mainline Backflow Products the professionals' choice for sewer protection. We welcome you to a new generation of backwater valves…. taking sewer backflow technology to extraordinary heights. Understandably, our vision statement was an easy one to establish…..'setting a new standard’. See more Mainline Backflow Products.


Woodford produces commercial wall hydrants both for mild climate and areas where freezing may occur. Roof hydrants, yard hydrants and sanitary hydrants are readily available along with a complete line of residential freeze-less faucets including the upgraded residential hot & cold unit. See more Woodford.